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Welcome to our website.  Our site is new so you will continue to see changes to the content in the coming months.  We welcome you to continue to check our site for new updates about our organization and the causes that we are supporting.  Our current projects are as follows:

  • Strawberry Mansion Revitalization Initiative - KBI is seeking to become a catalyst for an initiative to revitalize the Strawberry Mansion Community in North Philadelphia.  Strawberry Mansion is an area whose western boundary is Fairmount Park East which contains a golf driving range, the Dell East Amphitheatre, an Audubon Sanctuary, a reservoir (subject of several renewal proposals) and a variety of excellent playgrounds and picnic grounds or passive recreation areas.  There are high rates of vacancy, blight and deteriorated housing as well as a large concentration of poverty.  These negative conditions are offset by the awesome historical and architectural character of the existing housing stock as well as by its great logistical location giving it proximity to Center City Philadelphia and to the western and northwestern quadrants of the City.  We are currently soliciting funding to prepare a comprehensive/action plan that will guide community residents on making decisions about future community  development activities.
  • City Of Chester Inner City Revitalization Initiative - KBI is actively involved in contributing its design, planning and development expertise to a revitalization effort that is now in full stride in the City of Chester, Pennsylvania.  We are working with local civic associations and community developers as well as government leaders and many of Chester's concerned citizenry.  Our primary current activity is an effort to bring the nation's flagship, the S.S. United States to the Delaware Riverfront in Chester as a mixed use development containing a hotel, restaurants, entertainment facilities, museums, and art and cultural enterprises.  This complex will be a signature development for the Chester Renaissance and it will serve as a catalyst to attract many other businesses to the Chester Area as well as a national and international cadre of followers/supporters of this iconic vessel.
  • Providing Assistance to Property Owners - KBI is assisting a low wealth property owner in the University City District of the City of Philadelphia with packaging redevelopment of properties that have been in their ownership during the full time that University City has been evolving into a high end real estate area.  We are also assisting a disabled homeless person with rehabilitation of a vacant / abandoned house that is being donated to her by a family member so that it can be renovated for her use .

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