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About Kingdom Builders Institute
Kingdom Builders Institute is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that was founded in 2010.  Its mission is to assist in the revitalization and economic development of inner city communities. Our primary objectives are as follows:
  • To physically restore once viable communities.  They may contain stable areas that need to be upgraded or conserved.  There are oftentimes great natural features that are not being fully exploited.  There are also many historically significant buildings needing restoration or preservation for future generations to experience.
  • To build hope for residents of these communities by providing them with vibrant commercial centers offering  a full complement of goods and services; jobs and job training opportunities; affordable, energy efficient housing; adequate recreational opportunities; and a safe, pedestrian friendly environment.
​At KBI we are committed to utilizing all of our resources to assist civic organizations, institutions, for profit and nonprofit community developers; faith based organizations and  land owners with design, planning and development packaging for revitalization initiatives.  We are seeking financial assistance  with this important endeavor from a broad base of supporters.  Partner with us through your contributions made on our secure, online Donations Page.   Charles E. Pinkard,RA, NCARB, PP (Registered Architect, Professional Planner, LEED Green Associate) is the President and Founder of Kingdom Builders Institute.
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