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Charles E. Pinkard (Registered Architect, Professional Planner, LEED Green Associate) is president of Kingdom Builders Institute.  He has over 35 years of professional architectural and planning experience.  As an architectural designer he has been responsible for design and documentation on commercial and institutional projects in Pennsylvania, Virginia and in the state of New Jersey.  Also included in his extensive experience has been a period as a City Planner/Urban Designer with the Philadelphia City Planning Commission Staff working under the tutelage of internationally renowned planner, urban designer and writer on concepts of the design of cities---Edmund Bacon.  At the Planning Commission he was the Area Planner for the West Philadelphia Planning District.   This District is a diverse sector of the City of Philadelphia containing major institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania Hospital, the University City Science Center as well as residential communities with a population of over 300,000 people of varying incomes.  Mr. Pinkard initiated and executed several Master Plan Analyses and evaluations; Urban Renewal/Redevelopment Area Plans; Commercial & Industrial Development Design Studies; and Urban Design and Zoning Reviews. 

Following Mr. Pinkard's tour with Architectural and Planning Firms and Agencies, he began a private practice of architecture working as a sole proprietor and/or as a partner in an architectural/engineering firm.  He has worked on residential construction (new & rehab), commercial development including retail & office buildings, catering and meeting facilities, churches and community service facilities and municipal facilities.  He has also served as a construction management consultant to the Office of Planning and Community Development in Atlantic City, NJ as overseer for their housing rehabilitation programs.  He has received favorable accord throughout his career for his execution of projects.
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